About Us

LAHS sign.

 In 1994, a group of concerned citizens banded together and formed the Lake Alfred Historical Society and was incorporated in September of that year.

The museum opened just a few weeks later in the former Bank of Lake Alfred building, located at the corner of East Pomelo Street and North Seminole Avenue.

The mission of the Lake Alfred Historical Society is to provide and protect Lake Alfred's history and heritage for present and future generations.



          The Lake Alfred Society  Board of Directors consists of nine Members:

                                    Hunter McNeer - President                  

                                              Herb Nigg - Vice President      

                                         Flo Hamilton - Secretary                    

                                        Janet Baldwin - Treasurer                  


                                         Charles Lake - Director

                                                Ed Smith - Director

                                        Connie White - Director 

                                            Betty Shinn - Director Emerita